Display Ads For Programmatic Campaigns

What Is Programmatic Advertising? 

To break it down, this is the process of utilizing software/machines to purchase digital advertising. Those advertisements can be targeted to a specific audience, such as demographics, tastes, interests, previous purchases, etc. Programmatic advertising is something you have encountered if you were on the internet and a box/banner appears somewhere on that webpage.

Why Is Programmatic Advertising Becoming so Relevant?

Efficiency. As we know, the innovation of technology has simplified our lives much more compared to years ago. Programmatic advertising has also been simplified, where before buying digital ads was much more complex than today. This process was done by human buyers and salespeople negotiating everything that goes into a digital ad (demographics, prices, etc.), which was expensive and time-consuming to say the least. Now with the automation of programmatic advertising,  humans are removed from this process and replaced with machines. This is beneficial because it’s an efficient process that increases the speed while decreasing expenses.

Elements Needed to Create Display Ads for Programmatic Campaigns

For a programmatic campaign to be effective, relevancy, the right audience, and the right advertisement are just the minimun elements needed to be set up for success.

Relevancy: This has a high importance because customization is something that customers use everyday. Whether you are customizing a pair of shoes or a large pizza with your favorite toppings. The point is, on the perspective of the digital marketer, you can customize ads that pop up on their screens based off their consumer profile behavior. Which means that if a consumer were on a certain site looking at a shirt they wanted to buy but did’t, you can show ads similar to that product. Or, that specific shirt will come up in an advertisement while browsing through Facebook.

Right Audience:  With the automation of this software, you can select who your ads are targeted to. This is important because you don’t want to invest into ads to people you know highly unlikely WON’T buy your product. Targeting users through this programmatic campaign can be  done through their attributes which can include:

-Online Behavior

-Demographics (age, gender, income, etc.)


-Past Purchases

Right Ads: Choosing the right ad is also vital due that you could have a substantial loss in customers. We all now there is nothing more frustrating on a webpage that either; takes forever to load, comprised of lengthy irrelevant content that makes it non user-friendly, and not accessible on the one device that never leaves our fingers, our mobile phone. To resolve issues like these, you would want to choose ads that are easily accessible on mobile devices, user-friendly, minimize clicks for customer to find what they are searching for, and staying consistent across all pages within your webpage.

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