Mobile Technologies in Digital Marketing Mixes

According to G/O Digital, website traffic rising by more than 50 percent from mobile devices.

The increase from mobile devices is not a surprise. People have been glued to their phones now than ever before. Whether it be checking emails, communicating, checking social media, researching, buying purchases, etc. Taking technology away, especially a mobile device from someone is like the end of the world for many users.

The point is, mobile usage has boomed so highly that businesses need to place an importance on mobile technology if they want to keep up with consumer demands. Again, more than 50 percent of traffic is coming from mobile technology and is only going to increase that percent as the time moves on. As advertisers we need be ready to serve users’ needs as they are constantly evolving.

What Will Increase Mobile Traffic? 

  1. Creating a mobile-friendly site: If consumers can’t properly access a website that is mobile-friendly, they are more likely to leave the site. It is time-consuming browsing through a site that isn’t mobile-friendly which today patience to wait has decreased.
  2. Keep the mobile site font large and easy to read: Consumers want to be able to browse a site in a simplicity manner. They do want to keep zooming in and out of a site just to be able to read your content. Consumers will move on to another site before they get frustrated.
  3. Increase mobile site speed: 74 percent of consumers will wait 5 seconds or less for a mobile webpage to load.As mentioned above, consumers have no patience to wait for a mobile site to load while there are many other webpages that will load faster.

In conclusion, mobile technology is increasing higher than ever before. In the digital marketing world, it is important to develop a mobile technology strategy if they want to keep up with consumers. Today’s world is only moving forward with technology, there is no going back. Therefore, as advertisers putting ourselves ahead of the consumers, we will be able to satisfy their needs.

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