Programmatic Buying

What Is Programmatic Buying? The key word here is right. Programmatic buying is about targeting a particular message to the right person, at the right time, in the right situation. This is a method that utilizes technology software to automate the purchase of advertising space. Basically, you are using technology to help buy ads and are seen by the right target.

Why Is Programmatic Buying important? Users are always on the internet whether that be purchasing products, online shopping, communicating through social media, streaming videos, etc. Each user then develops a customer profile based on their online behavior. Using the programmatic method, the right and relevant ads will be displayed on the user’s screen.

Factors for Successful Programmatic Buying

1. Audience: As mentioned above, the key is to bring the right message/ad to the right person, at the right time. Programmatic takes different characteristics into account when it displays your ads. Some of those characteristics can include: behavior, previous purchase activity, interests, and demographics. New users are gained to your website by programmatic capturing relevant users.

2. Ads: Once your audience has been identified, the next factor to consider is the ads. There are different elements of an ad that must have careful consideration; size, format, and device. From the ads you send, programmatic will automate the process by choosing the best achieving ad. Ads can have different formats from being basic to dynamic. Your ad can be standardized where the ad displayed is pretty similar to your audience. Or it can be on the opposite spectrum, where the ads are customized to each user. The ads that appear will be based on previous products they have clicked on.

3. Bids: So far you have determined your audience and ads. Now it is time to set the right bid at scale. Programmatic is quick to react to data it has collected for your ad and analyze it. It analyzes it in the intent to maximize your results. Programmatic is regularly adjusting your bid, so you receive the best outcome possible.

I hope you were able to learn about programmatic buying and some of its’ important factors for a successful campaign. A source I used as a reference, which has great information is this link here,

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