Tips for an Effective Keyword Research

In the today’s digital marketing world, a properly done keyword research is highly necessary. Not to obtain any users to your site, but the right users. Keyword research is used for SEO and finds smilier keywords that users enter in search engines while searching for what they typed.  By constructing this keyword research, this will help your content be seen by any user searching for keywords relevant to your keywords.

There are many articles online that give guidance on keyword research, but there is no universal step order. You will find one type of keyword research method below that will help you thin down the number of keywords you should be targeting.

Step1: It is important to understand your product/service and who your target audience is. Once you understand it fully, come up with a list of keywords that you think your audience will search for. Note, when constructing your keyword list it may be a good idea to go to your competitor’s site which may help you.

Step 2: Now you will need to open which is where you will insert your list of keywords you have created. This is a keyword planner which will give you a list of similar keywords that the traffic that been brought.

Step 3: Next you will need to sort the data that you have received from the keyword planner. You want to know which keywords have brought more traffic so the data will need to be sorted from highest traffic competition. Once the keywords are sorted, you will need to pick keywords near the top of the list and choose which ones are the most applicable to your site.

Step 4: Following the sorted list, you will want to know the competition of the keywords. This link, will allow you to perform this check on your list. Remember, you only want to aim towards the keywords with low to mid competition.

Step 5: Lastly, after collecting information on your selected keywords you will want to keep track of your target search. This can be done by inserting your keywords into a rank tracking software so you can monitor the rankings for the search keywords you are trying to target.

As I mentioned, there are endless methods of keyword research on the internet and I hope this helped you. For this blog, I used information from this link, , which is a great source.

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